Yulin Kuang

Writers Guild of America West Member
Currently Open to Professional Opportunities? Yes
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Television Series Employment History

Data is limited to series employment ranging from 2004 to present.
Project Season Credit Genres
I Ship It 2018-2019 Executive Producer Drama
Romance Anthology 2017-2018 Writer Drama
I Ship It 2015-2016 Executive Producer Drama

Television Series Writing Credit

Title Date Writing Credit Genre
Romance Anthology (Series)
    Christmas Dumplings 12/29/2017
    I Ship It (Series) 08/16/2017
    Alternate Universe 08/16/2017
    Somewhere Magical 08/16/2017
    Superfans 08/16/2017

    Writing Samples

    Description File Name
    I SHIP IT - Ella, a fangirl, gets a job as a writers PA on her favorite TV show. A musical romcom series. I SHIP IT - Pilot - 5.29.17 draft.pdf Download Sample
    Irene Lee, girl detective, sets out to solve the case of a missing Santa Claus. Irene Lee, Girl Detective - Feature - Yulin Kuang.pdf Download Sample
    Annie, a young Asian American woman, is horrified to learn her boyfriend's father has eloped with a Chinese woman her age. Based on true events. The Other Asian - 01.02.19 draft.pdf Download Sample