Peter Silverman

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Film Writing Credits

Title Date Writing Credit Genre
Harlan County War (Film) 11/09/1999
Hidden In America (Film) 06/19/1996
American Heart (Film) 05/06/1992
Where the River Runs Black (Film) 04/26/1986

Television Series Writing Credit

Title Date Writing Credit Genre
Beverly Hills Buntz (Series) 04/21/1987
Umbrella In the Water 01/15/1988
Fit To Be Tied 10/28/1987
Hill Street Blues (Series) 04/28/1980
City of Refuse 11/21/1986
Doris In Wonderland 09/02/1983
Moonlighting (Series) 02/20/1985
The Next Murder you Hear 03/14/1985
Call to Glory (Series) 10/27/1983
Images 12/21/1984
CBS Schoolbreak (Series) 03/01/1985
    Contract For Life: The S.A.D.D. Story 12/01/1984

    Pilot and MOW Writing Credits

    Title Date Writing Credit Genre
    Touch The Top Of The World (Television) 02/22/2006
    • Teleplay by: Peter Silverman
    • Source Material: Based on the book "Touch the Top of the World" by Eric Weihenmayer.
    We Were the Mulvaneys (Television) 01/10/2002
    For the Love of Aaron (Television) 04/19/1993
    Kids Don't Tell (Television) 07/01/1984